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Looking for a new and exciting Mountain Sport? 

Skibiking is a snap to learn and fun for everyone. It is so much easier than it looks! If you can ride a bike, we can get you having so much fun in just a few runs.

We will meet you at Park City Mountain or Canyons Village to set you up with gear and show you how to ride. We can also deliver to your Hotel or Condo. Experienced Riders: We can meet you in Salt Lake  if you want to ride other Utah  resort: Brighton, Powder Mtn, Snow Basin and Sundance all allow riding too.


"A great spring day SkiBiking at Park City Mountain on closing day! Only 2 times down the bunny hill to get the hang of how it rides and then up on the slopes! So fun and easy. We had a blast!"    


"Jim brought our family together when we thought we would just let our kids ski all weekend. The great equalizer was this new sport. I hugged him at lunch!"

"I was initially hesitant but once I ran it down the hill I was hooked!! Turned in my snowboard and did this remainder of the trip!! Ran with my 7 year old along side the bike on his skis and it was awesome!"  


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