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SkiBike USA, A Sport with Huge Growth Potential

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

We are going to launch our New Blog for 2021. This will be a fun news and opinion and interview forum for this awesome sport of SkiBiking. As the chairman of our American SkiBike Association one of the leaders in the educational endeavors of the sport, I'll give it to you straight.

I've seen a resurgence of interest in the sport in the first decade of the 2000s. Looking over my shoulder, I feel a good-sized wave building behind us. 2020 forced everyone to re-evaluate their recreation habits. There is only so much time we can spend indoors especially in winter. Winter play is upon us with millions of new potential participants looking to have fun outdoors. Ski resorts with vision are ready to capture them. Ski resorts looking to grow their customers are looking for new ideas and activities to offer. SkiBiking is the perfect addition to their mix of activities. Growth will continue, but what is our most prudent course?

In the coming months, this blog will look at SkiBiking's history and the shoulders of pioneers our current leaders are standing on. We will look at the resistance and roadblocks the resorts have laid in front of us, think Snowboarding 1990. We will look at the lessons learned from skibike brand failures and our leadership's past mistakes. We will interview some of the current leaders and find out what is driving them with their 2021 endeavors. We will look at who is winning and why. We will examine the three styles of SkiBikes and the fierce rivalry between brands that have nearly ruined the progress and growth of the sport.

2020 will go down in the books full of surprises we never thought would happen with SkiBiking. Tune in and follow my thoughts and interviews as we march into the new year.

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